Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End?

Location: McClellan AFB, CA
Status: Very sad
Days Until Graduation: 0


- Graduation Day
- Spending all day in Downtown Sac
- At the Crest Theater
- For rehearsal
- A community meeting
- And then the actual ceremony

- Was awarded a superlative
- Apparently
- I am known as Ms. Popular
- That was quite embarrassing to stand up for

- The actual graduation ceremony
- Was....okay...
- I especially liked the part
- Where the Color Guard
- Smacked their flag into the EXIT sign
- And then the next one
- Couldn't get his flag in the door :)

- Was awarded the Bronze Congressional Award
- And the President's Volunteer Service Award

- Said goodbye to my team :(
- And hated every second of it
- It's been stressful
- And hard
- And crazy
- And hilarious
- And I will miss my team
- I love you guys <3

- To follow my next adventures - Visit
- In August
- I will be spending 1 year teaching English
- To kids in Korea

- And if you ever have questions
- Don't hesitate to hit me up

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost Finished

Location: McClellan AFB, CA
Status: Anxious to be done
Days Until Graduation: 4


- The last few days of the road trip
- We stopped in Las Vegas
- With a detour at the Hoover Dam
- And then drove back to Sac-Town
- We arrived really late
- Like, midnight
- Only to get up early the next morning
- For gear check-in

- Had our Unit Leader Meeting
- Decorated a banner

- Had Friday off
- And went to the American River

- Today
- Up bright and early
- For an All Corps Member Service Day
- Our team went to an elementary school
- To find that they didn't have the materials
- For us to do any work
- So we picked up garbage
- At the already spotless playground
- Then went downtown
- And picked up garbage
- Which also happened to be pretty clean....

- Off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning
- For camping
- Graduation is almost upon us

Monday, July 21, 2008

We've Come A Long Way

Location: Tucson, AZ
Status: Road Tripping back to Sac-Town
Days Until Graduation: 8


- We have traveled very far
- After Lafayette, LA
- We drove to Austin, TX
- Where Hunter is from
- And saw some really weird stuff

- Then we drove to Alpine, TX
- Where Michaela is from
- And ate some really good food

- Today
- We drove to Tucson, AZ
- And made a stop at White Sands in NM
- This was the longest travel day

- Tomorrow
- We head to Vegas
- Watch the videos
- And look at the pics
- I'm freaking tired
video video video

Friday, July 18, 2008

Road Trip

Location: Lafayette, LA
Status: Road Trip back to Sac-Town Day 1
Days Until Graduation: 12


- Last day of work

- Packed up the cargo van
- And the regular van
- Left Biloxi
- Feeling incredibly excited

- Stopped in Baton Rouge
- For dinner at Chelsea's

- Arrived in Lafayette
- Dead tired
- Zoned out in front of the TV

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Location: Biloxi, MS
Project: Phase IV (Final Phase) Hands on Gulf Coast
Status: Almost done!


- Setting up Arts & Crafts with Amy
- For the 9-11 year olds at the Boys and Girls Club
- Set up 3 stations
- Origami, Hand Knitting, and Beading
- I taught them how to make paper cranes
- Which was difficult to teach
- But fun
- And the kids really enjoyed it

- Staff Appreciation Dinner 6PM
- At the East Biloxi Boys and Girls Club
- Me, Kelsey, Kara, and Hunter work there
- And we got gifts from the staff!

- Tomorrow
- Then we head on our road trip
- Back to Sac-Town!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Location: Biloxi, MS
Project: Phase IV (Final Phase) Hands on Gulf Coast
Status: Really Tired


- Doctor's appointment 10AM
- Went to the orthopedic
- So that they could look at my knees
- Because they've been hurting
- And making a grinding noise
- Got X-rays done
- Then sat for an ETERNITY in a patient room
- Only to have the doctor spend 5 minutes with me
- Identify the problem really fast
- And tell me that I need to do hamstring stretches
- And go to physical therapy

- And I got shots of cortisone in both my knees!
- I walked into the waiting room
- And Amy and I were laughing
- Because I waddled like a duck
- All the way to the elevator

- Amy drove me back to the housing
- And we shortly left to go to the ER
- Because our fearless Team Leader (Morgan)
- Got bit by an ant
- And had a really bad allergic reaction
- She was all puffy and red!
- But she's okay now :)

- While in the ER waiting room
- I was looking through a magazine
- And found a color scheme that I liked
- In a picture of a kitchen
- I had the urge to rip it out (But I didn't want to ruin the magazine)
- I let it alone (I ripped it out)
- (I don't plan on having a house with a color scheme for a long time)

- To summarize
- I spent my entire day
- With doctors

Monday, July 14, 2008

I <3 Sports Camp

Location: Biloxi, MS
Project: Phase IV (Final Phase) Hands on Gulf Coast
Status: Only 4 days left



- A bunch of kids from the Boys and Girls Club
- Went to Sports Camp
- Half of my kids (the 7 & 8 year olds)
- Were gone
- For most of the day
- And that will continue for the rest of the week
- WOOO!!!

- Made a lot of God's Eyes with the kids
- Which they really enjoyed
- I highly enjoyed the part
- Where I sat and untangled their yarn
- For most of the morning

- The kids like to take my Nalgene
- And attempt to make a tornado with the water
- By shaking it violently :)

- Got a vicious case of the hiccups
- Kara was sweet enough to try and scare them away
- By jumping at me
- And sending a text message saying "BOO!"
- When she was 10 feet away from me